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Sour Power Straws by Dorval Trading Company

Sour Power Straws

I grew up in a Dutch family, eating Dutch candy, and there are several Dorval candies that I've had my entire life...like Hopjes, Rendez Vous and especially King Mints. I can remember many Sundays in church when my Grandmother would break out a roll of King Mints to help me get through the service. So, when the Dorval Trading Company first contacted me, these Sour Power Straws were the last thing I imagined they'd send.

As I grew up in the 1980's, I do remember all the sour candy introduced in my elementary school years, but I don't remember Dorval's Sour Power Straws (introduced in 1985).  If you are a fan of sour candy then you've probably tried Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, Air Heads Extreme Sour Belts or maybe something newer like the Wonka Sour Puckerooms. Well, the Sour Power candy is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. There's something about the flavor of these that makes them really addicting.  Our family could not stop eating them!  I think it is because they are not that sour compared to their competitors.


This is an extruded candy like licorice and it has a very licorice feel to it. The ingredient list has wheat flour listed, so this is definitely in the licorice family. These straws are about five inches long and have a great licorice chew to them. The flavors are very light and I immediately gravitated to the sour apple, since that is one of my favorite flavors. Like the other flavors, the sour apple had a very nice taste to it, not overpowering, not hidden, but it really leaves room for the SOUR sugary coating to hit your taste buds. What we liked about this candy, more than any other sour product we've had before is how the sour hits you, then slowly fades into an awesome sugar flavor that we liked A LOT. I really mean that, we devoured this candy the minute we opened a new package.  Dorval makes a few different products under the Sour Power label. They have straws, belts and gum balls.  I'm going to review the Sour Power Belts soon too.

Sour Power Straws - variety pack

In the picture at the very top you can see the flavors the Sour Power Straws are available in. All of the flavors were good but we liked the Sortz the best. You can see in the photo directly above that the Sortz pack gives you four different flavors instead of a package of all one flavor.  Unlike most sours, this product appeals to all age ranges because the sour is fantastic, not over the top like some brands, which is why I am giving them my highest rating.  They have turned me into a sour candy fan again.  This is another great candy from the Dorval company that I can make memories with, much like Grandmother's King Mints on Sundays.  Although...I'm not sure I can imagine eating these in church, Grandmother would not approve!


Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 9 straws (1 package) = 1 serving= 177 calories, 0g fat
Price: FREE sample provided by Dorval Trading Company
Dorval Trading Company Web Site


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these look great... gotta see if i can hunt them down. i've had the sour power belts and i remember being surprised by how good they were for a brand i'd never heard of.

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