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Worst Typo - Sweets and Snacks 2011

I realize I have typos in my work sometimes.  Sugarpressure's Executive Editor spends a lot of time correcting my work. So, it is not surprising that she was on the lookout for typos in signs, displays and candy packaging. The worst one she found (and this was not horrible in my opinion) was the Overload packaging said "Not your parents candy". Parents in this case should be "parents'". Someone should have mentioned that to them before they printed their packaging and signage. I'm still going to review their product, since I thought it was an interesting idea.  I will email them about their typo too, but will be sure to proofread it first!

Sweets and Snacks EXPO 2011


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Garrett Bradford

It is more likely probably supposed to be "Not your parents' candy."

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