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Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

We found this box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans in the very back of our candy stash. I was clearing out my stash to make room for all of the new stuff I need to review from the 2011 Candy and Snack EXPO. Initially I was really excited, liked I'd found a treasure buried deep in the depths of my candy cupboard. The initial excitement did wear off when I realized what I'd found. I completely forgot they had flavors like ear wax, booger, and vomit along with great flavors like peach, plum, and my all time favorite, juicy pear.

If this candy sounds familiar to you, then my guess is that you recognize it from the Harry Potter movies and the Jelly Belly Bertie Bott's product they make. You can watch a fantastic review of this candy from the Candy Gurus. Jelly Belly still sells this Bean Boozled product and it is probably a big hit for them. I'm guessing the Bertie Bott's candy is also a big hit, but it is the exact same thing with fancier packaging and a higher price tag. My seven year old burst into hysterical laughter and had an uncontrollable need to try and eat as many disgusting flavors as possible. I'm guessing he is the target market for this candy. I'm not saying that because I'm a genius marketing guru, I'm saying that based on his overly excited reaction to a candy that tastes like vomit. No really, there's a vomit flavor in there, so I can say that.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

In the photo above you can see the crazy flavors that come in this box. They are all mixed up with the normal Jelly Belly flavors so it's a mystery game as to which flavor you'll actually get. The marketing on this candy is fantastic. I love the "Dare to Compare" and big yellow "CAUTION!" they put on this packaging. Those are like crack to any boy under the age of sixteen. Our family sat down and tried these out and turned this into a pretty fun activity. We had some favorites like toothpaste, black pepper, cafe latte, juicy pear and plum. We had some horrible experiences with vomit, skunk spray and ear wax. They were HORRIBLE, but were spot on for the taste. The baby wipe one confused the heck out of me because it smelled and tasted like the wipes we use on our one year old. Okay, I've never tasted those wipes, but if I had, I'm sure the taste was identical. The rotten egg flavor was probably the worst of all and never in a million years did I think I'd look forward to the buttered popcorn flavor, which looks identical to the rotten egg flavor.  Buttered popcorn (which I do NOT like) would have been a relief compared to rotten egg.

Try these out, it was fun to sit down and laugh as a family trying out these flavors and watching each other's facial expressions. I can still hear my seven year old get really excited while reading the back of the box and saying "I can't wait to taste booger!". Jelly Belly, you marketing geniuses!

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It (the activity, not necessarily the taste)
Calorie Counter: 1 box (really, who'd eat an entire box of this?) = 1 serving = 160 calories, 0g fat, 31g sugars
Price: $2.55 purchased at local grocery store
Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Web Site


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Peg Wanke Mangano

I like the cotton candy Jelly Belly flavor the most.

Peg Wanke Mangano

I have tried the Bean Boozle Jelly Belly, it is a lot of fun. They may look the same, but they don't taste the same.

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