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Moonstruck Milk Chocolate Bar 31% Cacao



Moonstruck Milk Chocolate 31% Cacao

Moon Struck Chocolate Website

Brand Moonstruck
Size 3 oz
Servings 2
Calories 240 per serving

Ordered with Prime Sweets (approx $3)

$4.00 on

First, let’s talk about the look. The packaging is very nice. The design embodies the spirit of its home state, Oregon, with a beaver, a salmon, and St John’s Bridge. The bar looks nice too. There are little stars on the top and it has the Moonstruck man embossed in the middle of the bar. Now, the taste. It isn’t like the traditional American chocolate bar in the sense that it was more milky than sugary, which I prefer. It melts nicely on the tongue and has a good consistency in the mouth. The flavor is straight chocolate, no notes of fruit or flowers at all. The only downside (if I had to find one) is that the cool embossing leaves a large piece unscored. Overall, I would say this is the best chocolate bar I’ve had in awhile, let's hope Moonstruck continues the good work.




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