Book Review: True Confections by Katharine Weber

Although this blog mainly reviews candy and tweets about candy news, as a family, we are interested in all things candy. So, periodically SugarMama will write about non-edible, candy-related topics. Her first contribution will be to review the book True Confections by Katharine Weber, which I gave to her for Christmas.

Hello, Sugar Pressure Readers. True Confections is a great read, especially if you love candy or are interested in the candy industry. Written from the voice of a woman giving an affidavit, it is like listening to a person tell one long, wonderful story without a single interruption. The narrator is an employee/part-owner of a small family candy company, Zip’s Candies. She married into this business, by accident really, when an unfortunate event detoured her from college and landed her, serendipitously, at Zip’s. In order to give the lawyer all relevant information, she tells the company’s story in full—from its humble (and slightly shady) origins to its status today as popular regional candy company.

Along the way, candy lovers will enjoy the way her fiction blends so well with fact. She tells about their visit to the All Candy Expo, about how the candy machinery works, about how smaller companies get eaten up by conglomerates, and about the hardships facing African workers who harvest cacao beans. While reading, you can almost smell the chocolate wafting from the pages. This may be due to Weber’s use of confectionary terms in her writing, my personal favorite was: “A badly tempered marriage become dull and brittle, and then it breaks” which doesn't describe my marriage in any way, but it shows how she uses candy terms as it pertains to real life.

This book is a treat to read. You can read just a few pages and set it back down or you can curl up with it (and a bowl of candies) and savor its humor and humanity for a few hours. I do have to warn you, she is very critical of Oompa Loompas in a few passages, so if you are an Oompa Loompa fan, brace yourself.

Great Review by NPR HERE.

Rating: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: Depends on how much candy you eat while reading it! The book is 0 Calories.
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