Cadbury Caramel Nibbles

Cadbury Caramel Nibbles

Guest Review:  This review and picture were written by my wife (who we refer to as SugarMama).

Hello SugarPressure Readers, while my husband makes 99% of the editorial decisions for, I had to insist that this candy be included, even though the bag had already been open before the picture was taken and even though there were only 10 pieces left.  In desperate need of a candy snack for a Friday night card game, we snatched this candy from the "to review" box last night.  These Caramel Nibbles were sent to us by Cadbury in a box of many other tasty treats.  With all the other wonderful candies out there, somehow these had never captured our interest enough to review.  Wow, we had been passing up a real treat!

The chocolates are about the size of a quarter and they have just a dollop of Cadbury's soft sweet caramel in the center. It is impossible to eat just one - or two- they are addictive. These are basically Cadbury caramel bars repackaged - but repackaged perfectly. The only drawback, of course, is that this is English Cadbury, so when the 10 you see here are gone, we can't run to the store and get another bag.  Thanks Cadbury for improving a lively game of 5 Crowns and should I ever travel to England, I am saving a bit of room in my suitcase to bring a few bags of these home!

Taste: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: 1/4 of a bag = 1 serving = 210 calories, 11.3g fat, 23.3g sugars
Price: Free Sample from Cadbury
Cadbury Web Site

Guest Review: ICEE Popping Candy with Lollipop

Icee Popping Candy

I was never a big fan of the ICEE when I was growing up. We had a gas station in town that sold slushies, so those were what I grew up on. However, sometimes when we are at a local mall, I stop with my two sons and buy an ICEE. My six year old would disagree with me, but I believe that cherry is the only "true" ICEE flavor. He's a big fan of the blue raspberry. With that in mind, I decided to let him do this review of this ICEE novelty candy.

Icee popping candy with sucker

In his best "review voice", "Papa, the idea of this candy is that you lick the sucker (sticks whole thing in his mouth) then you put it in this crushed up candy, like this, it sticks to your spit."

"Oh..this is definitely a blue raspberry flavor, you don't like that flavor do you?"

"Hey, didn't they steal this idea from the Pop Rocks people!!" (LOL, I am imagining people made of Pop Rocks.)

"Okay, maybe this is a new idea, since they added a sucker." (Not really, I agree with him, it looks like Pop Rocks to me.)

"Oh..this tastes so much like a blue raspberry ICEE. What a fantastic idea, I LOVE ICEEs!"

Apparently he likes them. Although, now that I think of it, there hasn't been a candy I've reviewed he did NOT like. I think this candy is a good idea since it is both an activity and a candy. It kept him entertained for 30 minutes.  I like the ICEE tie in (the ICEE cup shaped sucker was a fantastic idea) and the flavor was an unmistakable blue raspberry ICEE flavor. It wasn't bad, but I would have rather had it in Cherry, since that is the only "true" flavor of ICEE in my opinion.

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: 1/2 of a package = 1 serving = 27.5 calories, 0g fat, 6.2g sugars
Price: $1.00 from our local grocery store
ICEE Web Site

Guest Review: Gummy Body Parts Candy

Gummy Body Parts Candy

This is one of those products that, I think, can best be reviewed by my 6 year old son. I'm pretty sure this candy was created for boys in particular because they think eating things like body parts is pretty cool. This candy is made by the Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company. This might not sound like a familiar company, but they make a lot of candy you would know...things like Bubblicious, Sour Patch, and the licensed candies for SpongeBob, Harry Potter, and Disney.

These are individually packaged inside a larger mixed bag that has 7 different types of body parts. Each gummy comes in its own plastic tray inside the wrapper, which is very nice, as no one wants smashed brains. I managed to grab 3 different body parts from the bins at the 2010 Sweets and Snacks EXPO. When I first opened the package, the smell reminded me of Juicy Fruit gum. The flavor also reminded me of Juicy Fruit with some orange thrown in. I thought these were pretty good.   My son thought it was hilarious to pretend he was a zombie while eating the brains...thank goodness we only had two packs of brains.   The "blood" at the severing is a nice touch, otherwise it would just be a body part, not a gory body part.  Overall, it's a fun candy for kids, the flavor was really good, and the gummy had a nice soft chew. But, don't take my word for it, here are my  year old's comments while he ate them:

>>"WOW! These would make a great Halloween Snack!"

>>"Hey, this foot looks like it has blood inside it"

>>"This is a good quality gummy, I like how it's slightly chewy"

>>"These are way better and scarier than plain old gummy bears or worms"

>>"Awesome flavor, it's really fruity"

>>"Girls might be grossed out by this, I'd chase the girls at school with these"


There you have it.  If you are looking for something different to pass out at Halloween or something to chase girls with---here's a good candy choice!

Gummy Brain

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It
Calorie Counter: No information on individual packages
Price: Free Sample provided by the company
Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company Web Site

Guest Review: After Shocks Popping Candy - Green Apple

After Shocks Popping Candy - Green Apple

My son was instantly drawn to this candy at the grocery store. Was it the bright colors, googly eyed kid on the front - I love that picture with the fireworks in his mouth, or the very large and odd shape of the packaging? Whatever it was, he was drawn to it like a moth to a light. I looked the package over and decided that it wouldn't be a terrible candy at 5 calories per pouch. I decided to let him do a guest review, because I always like what he thinks of candy, when we let him eat some.

Here are his own words, with my comments in parentheses with italics:

This is a very long lasting candy - (I timed it at 1.5 minutes of popping sound)

Very good flavor - (I thought it was a very weak apple flavor myself)

Some adults might not like this - (I know that's right!)

Good treat for a kid's lunch - ( he hinting at something here?)

More fun that regular old boring candy - (that's his opinion)

It's a candy and activity all in one!

After Shocks Popping Candy - Green Apple

This was a hard candy to take a picture of. I tried to capture it the best I could. You can see why it's only 5 calories per pouch as it's barely larger than a single Skittle. The ingredients list shows sugar, corn syrup, malic acid, coloring and carbon dioxide. Not hard to figure out since it's a rock candy that pops. I have to admit this seems like a direct rip-off of Pop Rocks but since it's made in China, maybe they can get away with that? As my 6 year old pointed out, this is a candy targeted at a specific audience. My wife refused to even try it. I tried one package and had enough of it. Unless you are the Bewildered Brit attempting "Death by Pop Rocks", I'd recommend this candy is only for children.

An interesting fact when I looked up this company on the web. They are a local Iowa company. Interesting, I had no idea they existed in Hull, Iowa.

After Shocks Popping Candy - Green Apple

Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It  (my sons rating, not mine)
Calorie Counter: 1 pouch = 1 serving= 5 calories, 0g fat
Price: $.99 purchased at Hy-Vee grocery store
The Foreign Candy Company

Book Review: True Confections by Katharine Weber

Although this blog mainly reviews candy and tweets about candy news, as a family, we are interested in all things candy. So, periodically SugarMama will write about non-edible, candy-related topics. Her first contribution will be to review the book True Confections by Katharine Weber, which I gave to her for Christmas.

Hello, Sugar Pressure Readers. True Confections is a great read, especially if you love candy or are interested in the candy industry. Written from the voice of a woman giving an affidavit, it is like listening to a person tell one long, wonderful story without a single interruption. The narrator is an employee/part-owner of a small family candy company, Zip’s Candies. She married into this business, by accident really, when an unfortunate event detoured her from college and landed her, serendipitously, at Zip’s. In order to give the lawyer all relevant information, she tells the company’s story in full—from its humble (and slightly shady) origins to its status today as popular regional candy company.

Along the way, candy lovers will enjoy the way her fiction blends so well with fact. She tells about their visit to the All Candy Expo, about how the candy machinery works, about how smaller companies get eaten up by conglomerates, and about the hardships facing African workers who harvest cacao beans. While reading, you can almost smell the chocolate wafting from the pages. This may be due to Weber’s use of confectionary terms in her writing, my personal favorite was: “A badly tempered marriage become dull and brittle, and then it breaks” which doesn't describe my marriage in any way, but it shows how she uses candy terms as it pertains to real life.

This book is a treat to read. You can read just a few pages and set it back down or you can curl up with it (and a bowl of candies) and savor its humor and humanity for a few hours. I do have to warn you, she is very critical of Oompa Loompas in a few passages, so if you are an Oompa Loompa fan, brace yourself.

Great Review by NPR HERE.

Rating: 5/5 Loved It
Calorie Counter: Depends on how much candy you eat while reading it! The book is 0 Calories.
Price: $14.96 purchased at

Guest Review: Blizzard Shaker Pops

Blizzard Shaker Pops
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This is and example of what you bring home when you stop at the Dollar store and let your 5 yr. old SugarKid pick out something from the candy clearance section. It is a hollow container designed so that you lick the sucker then flip the container upside-down and shake so the non-pareils stick to the wet lollipop. Then, repeat...repeat...repeat. I did a guest review with SugarKid at Christmas and I thought I'd do another one today. It's a short review:

"This sucker has a green apple flavor" was his first comment.

So I asked him a follow up, "Green Apple, that sounds good what about..."

"'s a 'hint' of green apple, Papa" he interrupted.

"Oh" I said, "how are those non-pareils?"

"The what??" he answered.

"The non-pareils." I asked again.

"Do you mean these sugary colored dots of fun flavor?" he responded.

"Yes, how are they?" I asked.

"Papa, this sucker is WAY TOO much work!"

For something that was "WAY TOO much work", he had no problem finishing off the dots and throwing away the sucker. In fact, I think the sucker was just a mechanism to eat the non-pareils. I'd like to add that this was a very messy candy. In fact, I don't think I've ever had a messier candy in my life. I had to clean non-pareils from the floor and countertop. Then I cleaned non-pareils from my son's clothing, his face, hands, arms etc... The non-pareils stuck to everything. I checked to see if they were stuck to the cabinets and ceiling at one point.

After all of that, I still think this is the essence of candy. It is meant to be fun, enjoyable and MESSY! SugarKid sure had a fun time eating this one. He rarely gets any of the candy I review, so every once in awhile I don't mind buying something out of the ordinary for him.

This candy is made in Korea and distributed by Fantazzmo of Bensenville, Illinois.

Taste: 3/5 Liked It
Calorie Counter: No calorie information on the packaging
Price: $.40 at Dollar Tree
Blizzard Shaker Pops

Guest Review: Snicker Nutcracker

This is going to be a guest review by my 5 yr. old, we'll call him SugarKid. He received this Snickers Nutcracker in his Advent box today. Here are his thoughts, I tried to write them down as he said them:

This is chocolate with a caramel-nut inside. This looks and tastes the same as a regular snickers bar. You can taste more of the caramel than the chocolate. The caramel taste lingers, SugarKid said he doesn't like candy that doesn't have a lingering aftertaste. Something with a taste that just "zoop" goes away in a few seconds isn't very good. The nutcracker shape is larger than a mini-snickers. SugarKid said that he wishes all snickers were this size and came in cool shapes. Are you listening Mars marketing? SugarKid could probably eat 5 of these at a time (his parents would never let him though). His next thought really made me laugh, he said, "Snickers bars go well with soda, may I please have some?". Then, after I said no, he moved on to ask if they could color the nutcracker Snickers to make it look more Christmasy.

I'm hoping SugarKid will help me review more candy at some point in the future and I hope you enjoyed his thoughts on the Snickers Nutcracker bar. You can find these at several local stores, I saw them at Walgreens for $.39 on sale. They do not post calories on these bars.
Snickers Nutcracker Snickers Inside